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"I have worked with Limelight for a number of years. I can recommend the company without reservation. I have always found that work is completed on time, to budget and meets specifications in full. But this is only a small part of the experience ..."
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01 Apr 2005 - 4Pockets launch 1st true first person perspective shoot-em-up written exclusively for the Pocket PC.

4Pockets have launched Red Sector 2112, the first true first person perspective shoot-em-up written exclusively for the Pocket PC.

The game features a story line based on the future mankind settling on a Mars and undertaking a massive construction program. However, we humans weren't the only life force that had plans for Mars. Alien beings from a far off galaxy had already taken an interest in our solar system and it wasn't long before the threat of little green men became a reality.

The game utilizes our custom realtime ray-casting engine to deliver a realistic 3D playing environment and includes:

  • Realistic 3D Environent
  • First Person Perspective Gameplay
  • Real-Time Lighting, Shadow and Reflections
  • Various Weapons and Ammo to Collect
  • Telescopic Sights
  • Night Vision
  • Jet Pack
  • Binoculars
  • Multiple Save Game Feature
  • Gamma Setting
  • Multiple Detail Levels
  • Custom Key Configuration
  • Difficulty Levels
  • Expandable Mission Pack Compatible

    The game has been really well received with one reviewer calling the game "Beyond Awesome".

    Further information on Red Sector 2112 can be found at a 4Pockets.


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