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"StompBox Winner of the Best App Award: This is a stunning application that was selected by Apple to appear in its international TV commercials. It has global reach and demonstrates exactly what Yorkshire firms should be aspiring to...."
Judges Comments. Insider Yorkshire Digital and Technology Awards 2012

01 Apr 2005 - 4Pockets launch 1st true first person perspective shoot-em-up written exclusively for the Pocket PC.

4Pockets have launched Red Sector 2112, the first true first person perspective shoot-em-up written exclusively for the Pocket PC.

The game features a story line based on the future mankind settling on a Mars and undertaking a massive construction program. However, we humans weren't the only life force that had plans for Mars. Alien beings from a far off galaxy had already taken an interest in our solar system and it wasn't long before the threat of little green men became a reality.

The game utilizes our custom realtime ray-casting engine to deliver a realistic 3D playing environment and includes:

  • Realistic 3D Environent
  • First Person Perspective Gameplay
  • Real-Time Lighting, Shadow and Reflections
  • Various Weapons and Ammo to Collect
  • Telescopic Sights
  • Night Vision
  • Jet Pack
  • Binoculars
  • Multiple Save Game Feature
  • Gamma Setting
  • Multiple Detail Levels
  • Custom Key Configuration
  • Difficulty Levels
  • Expandable Mission Pack Compatible

    The game has been really well received with one reviewer calling the game "Beyond Awesome".

    Further information on Red Sector 2112 can be found at a 4Pockets.


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