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10 Nov 2010 - Drench Vending Machine Featured in Retail Genetics

StompBox for the iPadBritvics Drench Vending Machine sucessfully toured the country offering players the chance to win free bottles of Fruity Drench by playing the Drench Game on the vending machines interactive screen.

The Vending Machine designed by Design and Build included a touch screen with the Drench Mind Agility Game designed and produced by Limelight.

The game consisted of 40 including mental agility games such as spot the difference, players completed 10 games then could either collect their bottle of Juicy Drench or carry on playing to try and make the high score board.

The sucessful tour of shopping centres and train stations around the country was designed to promote Juicy Drench and its brand message 'brains perform best when they’re hydrated'.

The tour resulted in over 3,000 free bottles of Juicy Drench being won and it has now been featured in a leading retailing industry publication Retail Genetics.

You can read the article HERE

Further information on the Juicy Drench Game

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