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06 Oct 2011 - Meteor Multi Track Recorder Version 1.2 with Virtual Instruments

Meteor Multi Track Recorder for iPad 1.2Meteor v1.2 is now available featuring greatly enhanced MIDI support with the introduction of Virtual Instruments.

Users will be able to purchase the Virtual Instrument bolt-on as an In-App purchase which will add a Drum Kit, Stereo Sampler and Analog Synthesizer instruments. This gives you the freedom to create an entire composition within Meteor without the need for external sound sources or other programs.

A Drum Kit Instrument can be assigned to a MIDI track and comes with 8 kits included, although more will be made available in due course. You are also free to record your own kits using the inbuilt sampling dialog which takes the headache out of recording and editing samples.

The Stereo Sampler allows multi-layered mono or stereo recordings to be layered over a six octave range with definable zones. Samples can also be overlapped for creating thick layered sounds or spread over all 6 octaves. You can assign up to 8 samples to a patch, each of which can be up to 10 seconds in length. The Sampler comes with a ready made bank of high quality samples, and more packs will be made available via our Downloadable Sound Libraries feature. Again you can quickly and easily record your own patches using the inbuilt sampling dialog.

The Analog Synthesizer is a low CPU implementation which helps out with those authentic bass lines and effects that arenít suited to the Sampler. Again you are free to create your own patches and build your own library of sounds.

We have tried to keep these virtual instruments as CPU friendly as possible. If you really want to squeeze that little bit extra out of the program you can use the Freeze feature to render an entire Virtual Instrument track and all its Insert Effects as a simple stereo audio file. This is especially useful for iPad 1 users who might struggle with large projects.

This version of Meteor has the following list of enhancements and additions:

  • Virtual Instruments plug in.
  • A Stereo Phaser Plugin has been added to the In-App purchases.
  • Side chaining is now available on Stereo audio tracks using the Compressor.
  • MIDI Thru support has been added to the MIDI Setup page.
  • Virtual Piano Keyboard and Key Pad windows now available in the MIDI Editor for use with real time recording and step recording.
  • A new option has been added to the Mixdown menu allowing you to export each track individually during a mixdown. This is useful for transferring your projects to other packages.
  • Fixed a bug where the compressor effect wasn't correctly setting output after loading a project.
  • A 'Downloadable Sound Libraries' option has been added to the 'Help' menu from which you can download additional sounds and patches for installed 'Virtual Instruments'. This option is not available unless you have the 'Virtual Instruments Pack' installed.
  • A MIDI import option has been added. This is limited to importing only the first 12 tracks of a MIDI file due to track restrictions in Meteor.

    As you can see the update includes loads of goodies and we are looking forward to hearing your tracks created in Meteor.

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