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Limelight Software has been producing a range of Pocket PC and Smartphone games under the trade name of since 2002.

Our range of Casual Games includes traditional arcade games both single and multiplayer, strategy games, first person perspective shoot-em-up and mental agility games.

These products are retailed globally by companies such as Hewlett Packard, Handmark, Handango and iMate.

Our Pocket PC products have won many awards over the years ranging from Handango and Handster Awards voted for by users, through to numerous wins in the Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards decided by a panel of industry professionals.

Further details of the games themselves can be found at our retail site

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Featured title - IraqA'Tak - Pocket PC Game

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Iraq A'Tak is a tank battle game with a Gulf War theme in which players take turns to command their tanks in order to locate and engage the enemy. The objective of the game is to seek out and destroy your enemy without the enemy inflicting damage on you.

Players start off with 3 basically equiped tanks carrying 10 shells and 3 mines, which can be upgraded as the game progresses.

From time to time planes will drop extra supplies such as medical packs and weapon upgrades which will help you survive, but you need to locate these before your enemy in order to gain an advantage.

Weapon upgrades include bouncing bombs, cluster bombs, smart bombs, radial bombs, and guided missiles.

You must also ensure you have enough shells and fuel to survive a conflict so you need to pick up these resources whilest engaging the enemy.

Lay mines and coax the enemy into your trap, once deployed they sit waiting to be triggered by passing vehicles.

When an enemy tank has been rendered inoperable you can salvage it's ammo, weaponary and fuel in order to gain an advantage.

Once the enemy has been defeated and all enemy tanks are out of action you will be given a score based on factors such as damage inflicted on the enemy and the health of your surviving tanks.
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